Pests, diseases and other disorders

Pests and Diseases

Of the vast number of organisms that interact with trees, a few can produce undesirable consequences for tree owners or the general public. If incorrectly identified, large sums of money and significant amounts of time can be wasted in the attempt to manage the ‘problem’.

Other Disorders

The interactions between trees and their environment are vast and a range of abiotic disorders can affect them adversely. This can range from road de-icing salt, to nutrient deficiency, to mechanical damage. The symptoms can often be bewildering and can sometimes require detailed field and laboratory analyses of the environment surrounding the tree. Again if incorrectly identified, the issues will not be resolved, the tree as an asset will suffer further and time and money will again be wasted.

Our services
  • We provide identification services for pest, diseases and abiotic disorders for trees. Once we have identified the issues at hand, we are also expert in providing reasoned and balanced advice on the management of such disorders.

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