Trees on a potential construction site

Trees on a potential construction site may present real & expensive problems for everyone involved in a development project, if not considered right from the outset, possibly even torpedoing the entire project. However, if considered from the outset & integrated within a design proposal, valuable trees can lend their value to a project, resulting in increased property values.

General planning procedures require trees of value to be considered at the beginning of a project & for this consideration to be demonstrated at application stage, through a series of supporting technical drawings, reports & method statements. Local planning authorities also require a level of expert arboricultural involvement at various stages of a development project, where these projects could impact trees.

Currently when planning applications are received by a planning authority, they assess them according to their planning policies & require the submitted arboricultural information to conform to a British Standard (BS5837).


The current standard by which Local planning authorities will assess development projects and nearby trees is BS5837:2012. This standard lays down the framework & standard by which to provide development related tree surveys, arboricultural implications assessments, design solutions to integrate valuable trees and their needs into the project, tree protection measures, the roles of the project arboriculturist and post development arboricultural issues.

Our services
  • We provide services to our clients that map closely to BS5837 throughout the life of their development projects. We are typical engaged at the outset of a potential project & provide timely information and advice at various stages of it’s development, particularly at the planning application stage. We follow the project through its complete life-cycle, provide additional services at relevant stages, to ensure arboricultural issues are resolved to the satisfaction of all stakeholders.
  • We also provide a number of other services for the construction industry. These range from contractor management, to planting and soft
    landscaping schemes, to solutions to enable tree planting in close proximity to built structures and infrastructure.
  • Working with architects, planning consultancies, structural engineers and building and landscaping contractors, we support planning applications and development projects spanning the entire spectrum of scale, from private developers to volume house builders to commercial construction.

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