The extent of our arboricultural expertise

We have been operating as arboricultural consultants for twenty five years, having provided services for numerous architects, developers, planning consultants, loss adjusters, structural engineers, landscape designers, estate management companies, corporate estates, private households, local authorities, health authorities, schools, colleges and universities.

Our experience in this industry has also taught us many valuable principles, such as the need for flexibility and adaptability in our approach to our clients requirements.

As arboricultural consultants, it is essential that we possess expert knowledge across numerous areas.

We are trained to degree level in arboriculture, which complements our experience built up over these years. We also employ a rigorous continual professional development programme, to keep abreast of current changes and developments surrounding arboriculture. This ensures we provide you with a highly professional service.

Areas of expertise
  • Tree biology, anatomy, morphology & physiology.
  • Pests & diseases relating to trees.
  • Tree risk assessment/management systems.
  • Developments and trees.
  • BS5837:2012
  • GIS systems as assets management systems.
  • Tree management systems and policies.
  • Tree work.
  • Veteran Tree Management.
  • Soils in relation to trees.
  • Trees and light.
  • Decay detection techniques and devices.
  • Health and Safety law surrounding Arboricultural operations.
  • Budget analysis and provisioning.
  • Contract management.
  • Plant procurement and tree planting requirements.

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